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ICE HOLE FESTIVAL AND CERTIFICATION TRIP. Join us in Iowa to gain your Ice Diver certification

Divers do crazy things for a                       certification

There are all kinds of certifications that divers can obtain outside of the basic courses offered. There are also classes that some people don't think you could actually obtain. Ice Diver is one of the classes that people scratch their heads at due to the cold and of course the sheet of ice over your head. As crazy as it may sound, we will be taking a trip in February to Iowa to attend the Ice Hole Festival to whip out our dry suits and obtain a new card. 

Ice diver under water


What should you expect?

This is going to be a quick weekend trip from February 10-12. For those of you who have not gotten your dry suit certification you should definately think about doing that first. It's going to be cold and while we may be goofy, we aren't goofy enough to jump in the water in a wetsuit. We are offering Dry Suit courses at our store for $175 (which includes the rental of the suit for the class) and spend one morning in the pool getting oriented to the suit then another in open water to test out your skills. 

There are two ways of joining us for this trip, the first being if you are already a certified Ice Diver. Trip cost for those who've already collected this card is $200 which includes a free commemorative  t-shirt to prove that you braved the ice and made the plunge. For the group of divers who have not obtained this course the trip is $325 which also includes the t-shirt as well as the certification. Neither trip fee includes the rental of a dry suit so you will need to arrange rentals with the store before hand. 

Ice Hole festival photo from 2022 5th annual festival


Register for the trip

If you've decided that you'd like to join the bunch you can register for the trip at the link above. Any questions regarding the Dry suit class or the Ice Diver course can be directed to our staff at any time.